Challenge Statements

#1 Packages’ Sustainability

Challenge - Find the ways to smartly re-use / re-cycle P&G product packages across various categories like laundry, shampoo, dish wash, diapers, feminine products etc.

Outcome - A mobile app or smart IoT device, alternative uses for P&G packages to deliver sustainability.

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#2 Crowd Sourcing From Social Listening

Challenge - Find smart ways of learning and monitoring insights about our brands, categories from social media, rating and reviews, direct calls and emails.

Outcome - Design the smart system to harvest continuously insights and new ideas from consumers (crowd sourcing).

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#3 Fair Price Online

Challenge - What are the main customer segments of Fair Price Online customers, and what are their key characteristics? (e.g. size of segment, buying patterns, demographics)?

Dataset - Non-Personal Identifiable Information customer data (e.g. postal code), Fair Price Online transaction data for 1 month. Details are available here.

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#4 Crowd Sourcing From Social Listening

Challenge - P&G Professional products (laundry detergents, shave care, air care, dish washing etc.) are sold to other businesses (e.g. hotels, restaurants, hospitals, petrol pumps). Develop an intelligent pull based solution to enable easy identification and fulfilment of professional customer needs and change / tension moments from publicly available data (social media, Tripadvisor, etc.)

Outcome - A mobile app or website to deliver smart insights.

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